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Barkstopper 2.0

Barkstopper 2.0

Normál ár $29.99 USD
Normál ár $62.00 USD Akciós ár $29.99 USD
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Calming Duck

Your furry friend's new best friend

  • ✅ 100% Harmless For Dogs & Humans
  • ✅ Portable & Easy to use Anywhere
  • ✅ Improves behavior within 1 week
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Experience The Friendship You've Always Wanted

Discover the friendship you've always wanted with a well-behaved dog. Imagine peaceful days and quiet nights, as your furry friend learns to bark only when necessary.

Our ultrasonic bark stopper helps you gently guide their behavior, fostering a deeper bond and a harmonious home. Enjoy the calm and happiness of a loving, obedient pet.

Enjoy the ease of training your pet

The ultrasonic bark stopper makes training your dog a breeze.

This innovative device uses gentle sound waves to curb excessive barking, making the training process simpler and more effective for both you and your furry friend.

Safe for both humans and animals

Utilizing non-invasive ultrasound technology, this device effectively curbs unwanted behaviors in dogs without causing any harm to people or animals.

It has been thoroughly tested and proven to be safe, ensuring it poses no risk to the well-being of both pets and their owners.

Multi-functional safe guard

In addition to being a pet training tool, it can also prevent dog attacks, making it ideal for outdoor work, travel, and night security patrols.

Its versatile design ensures you feel safe and secure in a variety of situations, providing peace of mind whether you're on the go or working late hours.

Loved by over 10,000+ dog families

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, these devices are engineered to prioritize safety for both humans and animals. They are rigorously tested to ensure they emit non-harmful ultrasonic sound waves or other deterrent methods that do not cause any harm or discomfort to users or their pets. Additionally, they are often made from sturdy materials to withstand outdoor conditions and accidental drops.

Yes, many of these devices are specifically designed to aid in pet training by emitting audible cues or signals that help reinforce desired behaviors and discourage unwanted ones. They can be particularly effective in teaching obedience commands and deterring behaviors like excessive barking or jumping.

These devices are powered by a 9V battery, offering convenient and reliable energy for extended use. This battery option ensures versatility and functionality, making the device suitable for various outdoor activities, travel, and security patrols.

These devices typically work effectively within a range of approximately 5 meters, providing ample coverage for various situations. Whether you're training your pet, deterring aggressive behavior, or patrolling for security purposes, you can trust that the device will deliver its intended functions within this distance range.